Civil War Chronologies


James F. Epperson

Over the years that I have spent studying the Civil War (or, if you prefer, War Between the States), I have gradually come to appreciate the value of a good chronology of events as an aid to understanding a battle or campaign or, even, a political controversy. Having collected or written a few chronologies for Round Table talks or battlefield tours, I decided to put some of them, and others, on the Internet as a resource for other Civil War students.

It is the intent that each of these chronologies will be devoid of interpretation or editorial comment. Each one will tell what happened, and when it happened. References will be given for each chronology, but not for each event.

List of chronologies (if the link is active, the chronology exists; if the link is inactive, it is planned for the near future; if it is marked by , it means that substantial revisions need to be made, although the link exists):

US Flag

Credits: Dave Smith and Tom Breiner prepared the second day portion of the Chickamauga chronology; the secession crisis chronology was based on a newsgroup post originally authored by Mark Pitcavage; the emancipation chronology is taken from the Freedman and Slavery Project website at the University of Maryland. The eagle background image on some pages was found on Chuck Ten Brink's old Third Michigan Battery website; the Confederate seal background used on certain other pages was created by Kathie Fraser.

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