OK, obviously it is taking me longer to get this in some kind of finished shape.  It may be permanently "under construction."


Supplementary material for An Introduction to Numerical Methods and Analysis, (Second Edition), by James F. Epperson

The purpose of this website is to offer a variety of material to both students and teachers to supplement the text. 

It has been reported that a professor and graduate student at Johns Hopkins University have developed a way to improve the classical Jacobi Method for iteratively solving linear systems in a way that might make it competitive with SOR and CG.  Read about it here.

  1. A brief essay on the subject of "applications" in the text.
  2. What happened to the flops command?
  3. A note on the history of computing
  4. About that machine epsilon ...
  5. Gaussian quadrature weights and nodes
  6. Corrections to any typographical or other errors that have been found
  7. Color Graphics---Several plots from the book will look better in color.
  8. An entire new section for Chapter 3: Basins of Attraction (updated: 6/7/2015)
  9. A project of sorts for Chapter 3---The Lambert-W function.
  10. Spectral interpolation (incomplete, but mostly there).
  11. Additional material on Runge-Kutta methods (unfinished)
  12. More general boundary conditions for two-point BVPs (unfinished)
  13. The method of lines (application of ODE methods to time-dependent PDEs) (barely started).
  14. Pointers to new references and various websites, including Young's thesis (unfinished)
  15. Additional Exercises (none so far)

At this point it should be understood that the website is very much under construction. It probably won't be "fully operational" until the winter of 2016.